Work Bench Kit


Price $ 75.00 (+$23.00 s&h) - free shipping when ordered with lift.

Converts the lift to a 32 by 60 inches [80 by 150 cm] lifting work bench with infinite height adjustment.

The Work Bench Kit (WBK) is very convinient for servicing heavy objects and household machinery like lawn movers, riding mowers, small garden tracktors, small ATVs, snow blowers, scooters, bikes, mopeds, etc., etc. The best of all is that the object can be loaded (pushed on, rolled on) at floor level and elevated to a comforbtable working height, not killing your back, knees etc. trying to service it or working on it. Other very helpfull application could be the up-loading or the un-loading of heavy objects to and from pickup trucks.

With the optional Moving Casters Kit the WBK with the machinery on it, can be moved from any area in your yard to your garage and vice versa.

Lifting capacity - about 1,200 lbs [550kg].