"Who would believe that a dropped valve seat on a '68 Corvair would give birth to the EZcarlift™?"

The man behind the design of the EZcarlift™ is mechanical engineer and entrepreneur Boytcho Manev.  Born in Bulgaria in 1949, Boytcho earned his engineering degree in the University of Magdeburg, Germany, after which he went to work for world-renowned manufacturer Wacker Corporation in Munich where he designed reversable Vibratory Plate (compactor) - more than 40 years later Boytcho's design continues to be the world's top selling vibratory unit.

In 1978 Wacker transferred Boytcho to the U.S. as part of it's new product development team for the American market.  Continued business success and new personal interests followed, and Boytcho's remained in the states ever since - he currently resides in central California. 

In 1993, Boytcho founded his own engineering firm, EBM Design, Inc.  EBM specializes in design and development of one-of-a-kind and first-of-its-kind type products.  Among its other accomplishments, EBM has produced a seismic gas valve that automatically stops the flow of natural gas in the event of an earthquake.

The development of the EZcarlift™ was the result of Boytcho's passion for automobiles.  Seeing a need for a consumer car lift, he set out to design a lift specifically for home garage use  - one that was strong, safe, easy to use, compact, and affordable.  The design process covered 4 years and included 5 prototypes before resulting in the current product.

Throughout his career, Boytcho has had one predominant engineering philosophy for every project - simplicity...Determine a need, design a solution that works, then make it safe & easy to use. 

The EZcarlift™ is a testament to his philosophy.