What is EZcarlift™?

EZcarlift™ is the new standard of what a portable home garage car lift is all about – it’s strong, easy to use, safe, convenient, compact, easy to store, portable, and affordable. It was especially developed with the home mechanic in mind - the classic car enthusiast, the antique or vintage car hobbyist, the weekend race track warrior, and the “boy with all his toys” (bikes, ATVs, etc.).

Powered by your electric hand drill, this free-standing low profile car lift will raise your 4,400 lbs. vehicle from 5.5 inches [14 cm] up to 26 inches [64 cm] high in less than 90 seconds to give you plenty of comfortable open workspace and access.

With its optional accessories and all its versatility the EZcarlift™ becomes an invaluable One-For-All tool for your garage or shop.

Design & Construction

EZcarlift™’s developer used the simple operation and the portability of the common floor jack (simply roll under the car) and the accessibility of the jack stand (access from all sides to all areas) as a model for the lift.

The simple, durable and well proven principle of the mechanical scissor jack was selected as the lifting mechanism removing the need for external pumps and associated hardware, leaky lines and hoses, specialty power requirements, etc., etc. The floor jack like operation (roll under the vehicle) mandated a free standing style eliminated the need of anchoring, expensive concrete drilling or specialty anchoring services.  To reduce weight a combination of an aluminum and steel tubular construction was selected for the lift’s rigid frame-like arrangement. All aluminum is brushed and the steel has durable powder coated finish. The rugged construction provides not only lightweight but also a superb stability and safety at all heights. Unlike other low-rise lifts, EZcarlift™ is designed to raise vertically rather than in an arc (vertical and horizontal) motionso it can be operated safely even in smallest work spaces.


To operate EZcarlift™ simply roll it under the vehicle, set the lift's pads under the lifting points of your car, insert the electric drill into the lift's drive and watch as all four wheels clear the floor in less than a minute – no heavy or multiple lifting required!

Hand Drills We Have Tested


EZcarlift™'s free-standing open style design provides total accessibility from all sides. Its specially-designed legs take up less a lot less floor space than the common jack stands. At its maximum height, the lift’s open design provides unobstructed access to all areas of the cars underbody, just like the jack stands do.


There are a lot of “portable” lifts on the market. The problem, however, is that many of them weigh in at almost 1,000 lbs! The EZcarlift™ is different. It’s the only one of its kind that offers true portability and heavy lifting capability in a light weight package. Despite its outstanding load capacity of 4,400 lbs [2.0 tons], it is the lightest lift on the market. Fully assembled the EZcarlift™ weighs less than 153 lbs [70 kg]!

The free standing lift is specifically designed to be brought TO your vehicle (perfect for disabled vehicles) vs the other way around; it works in your garage, your parking space or your driveway as well as the racetrack. As a Portable-On-Demand system, the EZcarlift™ is a perfect solution for home association and condominium environments where space is limited and working on vehicles restricted. Just like your floor jack, when you need it, take it out, use it, and store it back when done.

Assembly is easy and typically takes less than 4 to 5 minutes using nothing more than a box wrench or a socket and driver. The EZcarlift™ consists of four individual sections - two lifting ramps and two cross spacers – with the heaviest section weighing in at only 60 pounds [27 kg], making it possible to be handled and assembled by a single person. The lift is easily transportable. Disassembled will fit in most midsize car trunks, all pickup trucks and SUVs.


The EZcarlift™ is extremely compact – it measures less than 2.9 cu ft. and sits just 4.5 inches [11.5 cm] tall when lowered for easy vehicle clearance. It can be stored almost anywhere - underneath your vehicle; leaned against the garage wall; or when disassembled it will fit flush between the wall studs of your garage.

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In addition to its primary function as a portable, free-standing car lift, the EZcarlift™ can be used as a moving vehicle dolly, a seasonal or temporary storing platform, a cycle lift, cycle dolly, an ATV work platform, work bench, a lifting platform to lift and load / unload heavy objects (engines, transmissions, cruiser bikes, ATVs, etc.) to and from pick-up truck beds, a sawhorse, and more. It’s even been used as a picnic table and a seating bench. The versatility and universality is limited only by your imagination!

Purchase and Delivery

EZcarlift™ is delivered to your home or business via most common ground carriers like UPS or FedEx. It will arrive at your door step in two (2) boxes containing four (4) fully pre-assembled sections. Simply bolt the sections together via eight (8) fasteners and you’re ready to go - no complicated instructions or time-consuming assembly required!

The purchase price includes one (1) set of Cross Spacers of your choice. EZcarlift™ is available for immediate delivery.

Options & Accessories

Cross spacers, moving casters, and motorcycle accessories listed separately – please see our accessories page.

Portable, versatile, and easy to use, the EZcarlift™ is an outstanding investment for the active home mechanic, neighborhood car club, race team, or classic car enthusiast. We invite you to shop & compare. We believe the EZcarlift™ is the best product of its kind on the market today, and are confident that you’ll feel the same way.


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