Wheel Scaling Kit

WSK – 86-106wb

Price $ 375.00 (+ $45.00 s&h)

The Wheel Scaling Kit (WSK) is a modular kit permitting wheel scaling for cars from 86 to 106 inches of wheel base.

The kit consists of two 36-inch long telescoping Drive On Ramps; a set of center supports for the lift and a set of different blocks for the different wheel base lengths. The extremely long Drive On Ramps will accommodate even the lowest car and all front spoilers.

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Using the Wheel Scaling Kit

View Wheel Scaling Kit How-To Video

To use the Wheel Scaling Kit, place the scales where you need to have them. Place EZcarlift between the scales and fill the gaps between the scales and the lift with the modular blocks. Connect the blocks with the transfer plates to hold in place. Position the long Drive On Ramps in the center of the tires and SLOWLY drive your car onto the scales.


Why Scale My Race Car?

Scaling your race car with proper weight balance for the car, driver and track conditions may make the difference in who crosses the finish line first!

Read the PDF below for more information.