Wall Hanger - WH

Price $ 14.05 each (+ $9.00 s&h). Free shipping when ordered with lift

A simple, convenient solution for keeping your garage organized while the EZcarlift and its accessories are not in use!

Our Wall Hanger allows you to stash safely your EZcarlift and accessories, either assembled or disassembled, out of the way.

Many of our customers have asked the question, "What will be the best way to store the lift?" We suggested our Storage page for ideas. Finally some months ago we decided to design a hanger to hang the lift on the wall. First attempt was to hang the assembled lift on the wall. Then we made some modifications to the lift itself, so individual sections could be hung, much easier to handle. All of our accessories have been redeveloped, so you can keep them off your garage floor as well. Most of them will store within the same storage area the lift occupies — see below for more photos and suggested uses.

Installation of the Wall Hanger

Note: When mounting EZcarlift's Wall Hanger bracket, be sure all hardware is securely anchored into a wall stud. Alternatively, anchors or other hardware capable of supporting the weight can be used.

The lift and the Motorcycle Lift Kit will require two (2) hangers, most other accessories will require only one (1).


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