Ramp Extension Kit


Price $ 117.41 for a set of 2 (+$38.00 s&h) - free shipping when ordered with lift

The Ramp Extension Kit (REK) will extend the lift's ramps by 3 or 6 inches [8 or 15 cm]. This allows the lift to be used on vehicles with longer than 60" [152 cm] lifting points. If more length is needed a second set will ad additional 6 inches increasing the lift's range to a total 72 inches [183 cm] overall length. The length is adjustable in 3 inch [7 cm] incements. The Ramp Extension Kit has been proven to be very helpful when the lift is used crosswise. The additional length will provide much better access to the driving mechanism of the lift making it easier to access with the corded drill.

The Ramp Extension Kit is not only ideal for the longer wheel base vehicles but also ideal for servicing ATVs, bikes with side cars, etc. etc.

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