Gearbox Lube


Price $ 9.00 (+$ 9.00 s&h - free shipping when ordered with any other item)

Proper maintenance and lubrication is the key to continued performance and reliability of EZcarlift’s gear box and acme screw assemblies. The lube has been specially formulated to maximize life and performance of your unit under the extreme pressures and work conditions.

Contains more than 65% of proprietary additives for reducing friction, providing higher sheer stability, helping to withstand the high temperatures and higher pressures. Many of the additives are similar to these used on CV and universal joints.

Note: To check for proper lube level, remove the lube filler plug and check if lube level is at the lower edge of the filler hole. If not just add some lube until reaches lower edge of opening. Lube level should be checked at every maintenance - every 3 to 6 months depending on frequency of use.