Limited Space Kit


Price $103.00 + $19.00 s&h (free shipping when purchased with the lift)

The Limited Space Kit (LSK) was developed specifically for single-car garages. It also found application in many overcrowded garage. Allows the vehicle to drive over the low profile Cross Spacer (1.25 inches [3.3 cm] high) instead of driving over the lifts 3.5 inches [9 cm] tall ramp.

Using the Limited Space Kit - How-To Video

To use the lift with the Limited Space Kit, place one of the lift ramps under the center of the car and the other outside, about 16 to 24 inches [40 to 60 cm], if space permits. Approach the lift with the vehicle. Stop to where the wheel is at about  8 to 14 inches [20 to 35 cm] from the cross spacer.  Important: check for ground clearance especially at the exhaust components, to make sure they will not interfere with the lift's ramp. Tug the mat under the cross spacer, about 1/2" [1-1.5 cm] beyond the cross spacer, then wrap it over, where the longer part is facing the oncoming wheel.

Drive SLOWLY over the Cross Spacers. Remove the rubber mats. Roll the lift into position and lift the car.

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