Drive Over Kit

DOK – 110wb



The Drive Over Kit (DOK) has been specifically developed for race cars, low clerance or cars with lowered suspension where the lift will not be able to roll under the vehicle. The standard kit will handle cars with wheel base up to 110 inches. Kit consists of four 30 inches [76 cm] long wheel blocks (platforms), two 30 inches [76 cm] long Drive-On ramps, two Wheel Stops and a storage wall hanger. The ramps are very low profile and will accommodate most if not all vehicles front spoilers.

Use of the Drive Over Kit

How-To Video

To use, line up the drive on ramp and one set of the wheel blocks with the center of the tire, place the lift and line up the wheel block with the wheel stop at the other end of the lift.

Drive over SLOWLY until you get the car to the desired position.

Note: Make sure when lowering to place the Wheel Blocks back under the tires.


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