6 Point Socket

6PT –

Price $ 5.00 each (+6.00 s&h) - free shipping when ordered with the lift.

To operate the EZcarlift a 3/8 socket will be required (not supplied with the lift). We do provide an adapter to connect your drill to a socket. The adapter has a 1/4" hex to mount to the drill's chuck and a 3/8" square drive for the socket.
All 3/8 sockets will work. In our experience truly deep sockets work best. Most commonly found deep sockets have a 1/2" to 5/8" [12 to 16 mm] deep hex with a through hole for the bolt's shaft. A truly deep socket has 1-1/2" [38 mm] deep hex. A shallow socket will ride on the ball of the input shaft causing the drill to vibrate. A truly deep socket will go past the ball onto the hex of the input shaft, providing solid connection. Our preference is to use a 6 point socket because they just last longer. The 12 pointers tend to wear out (strip) quicker.