PLEASE READ - I know it is a conflict of interest but this should be a wake up call to all of us - gearheads or not, safety should come first. By statistics the "5 MINUTE" jobs are the ones that cause most fatal accidents. Boytcho

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Prices start as low as

$2,095.00! +$150 s&h

(call to inquire for promotional or special pricing)


EZcarlift™ is...

the new standard for what a home garage car lift is all about!

* STRONG...Lifts Up To 4,400 Pounds

* FAST...Raise To 26" In Under 90 Seconds

* SAFE...Superb Stability At All Heights

* ACCESS...Unobstructed From All Sides

* EASY...Powered By Standard Corded Electric Drill

* PORTABLE...Take Anywhere.  Fits In Your Car trunk.

* STORAGE... Stores in 2/3 of a square foot off floor space

* VERSATILE... different attachments will accommodate all of your boy toys and garage equipment


* see our VIDEO CLIPS for a brief video overview *




“...everyone could use a lift, but not everyone has room for one — EZcarlift™ has solved this problem...”

$2,095.00! +$150 s&h

(call to inquire for promotional or special pricing)

EZcarlift is perfect for the...

Classic Car Enthusiasts!    Vintage Car Hobbyists! 

Weekend Race Track Warrior!    Race Teams!

Home Mechanics!

With this much capability,

versatility, and all our available

accessories, it's easy to see why


is an All-In-One tool

right in your own garage!


About the Product...The EZcarlift is especially designed with the home mechanic in mind... Easy operation, safety, convenience, compactness, storage, portability, and affordability... (more)

About the Owner...The man behind the design of the EZcarlift is 58-year old mechanical engineer Boytcho Manev... (more)

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